How to set Feature slider in Pinpress

To add feature slider

  • To add a feature slider in the page
  • Switch to page builder in the page after that click on the Add Widget tab in that you can see a widget POST FEATURE SLIDER drag that widget in the page it will show your post in the slider manner
  • You can change the slider setting according to you.
  • For that click on the edit button(+) icon the widget.
  • You can set that how many post you want to show inthe slider if you select -1 then it shows all the post.
  • From the query engine you can filter your post that which category post you want to show.
  • Another thing if image is not showing in your slider it means you not added the feature image in that post, so to show the image in the slider please add the feature image in the post otherwise it will show an blank space there.