To install demo:-

  • To install demo in your theme

  • First go to the concept installer option in your dashboard
  • Click on that where you find a different demo available.
  • Choose any demo of your own choice just clicking on that demo after that you see two tab below *** SETUP DEMO & IMPORT SETTING*** click on the SETUP DEMO and your selected demo is installed in your theme.
  • Later you want to change the demo of your theme again go back to the concept installer but now first you have delete the first demo which you installed for that you can see two red tab above i.e DELETE DEMO DATA & RESET SETTING. First click in the delete demo data that will delete your demo after that click on reset setting.
  • After this follow the same procedure to install the another demo
  • If you don’t follow this step and directly install another Demo it will shows an error on your theme.